Spa and wellness

Terme di Venturina (15 minutes by car)

A modern temple of health in the heart of the Upper Maremma, on the Etruscan Coast, between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the green Tuscan hills. The Terme di Venturina offer a wide range of thermal cures capable of performing preventive and therapeutic action on various pathologies. They make use of the properties of the Crater Spring, whose thermal waters were already known to the Etruscans and Romans under the name of ‘Aquae Populoniae’ (Baths of Populonia). They flow at 45°C throughout the year and are classified as sulphate-calcic-magnesium-bicarbonate-alkaline-earthy.

Terme di Sassetta (20 minutes by car)

Sassetta is a small hilly village in the Livorno hinterland, squeezed between the Val di Cornia and the Bolgheri area. In all probability, the present-day thermal baths of Sassetta can be identified with the ‘Bagno del Re’, a thermal site frequently mentioned in medieval documents from the 13th century onwards.
The thermal baths of Sassetta are fed by hyperthermal water classified as sulphate-calcic and gush from the earth at a temperature of 50° at the Fonte della Cerreta, which springs at the foot of the Val di Cornia.